Who will be the pilot?

An experienced Flight Instructor with many thousands of flight hours.

Where will we go for our Discovery Flight?

We will be flying around the Southeastern/Monroe country Michigan area

How long does the Discovery Flight last?

Actually flight time will be 20-30 minutes. Plan on an hour of total time to accomplish preflight and postflight instruction.

How should I dress for the Discovery Flight?

Summer clothes(shorts and t-shirt) are fine. However, in cooler weather, warmer clothes are suggested as you will be flying in an open cockpit, aviating at 80 to 90 mph.

Will I get any sort of document to show that I flew a WWII Biplane?

Yes, you will receive a pilot's logbook recognizing your first flight lesson. If you are already a Pilot or have a logbook started, your CFI will add a flight entry into your logbook.

Is there an age limit?

There are no age limits, however approximately 12 years old seems to be a good minimum to reach the flight controls in the cockpit. 

Please contact us for special age considerations.

Is there an age maximum?

There are no age maximums, however you must be able to lift yourself into the cockpit and manipulate the controls.

Please contact us for special age considerations

Do I have to be mobile to take a flight lesson?

You have to be able to lift yourself into an open cockpit and manipulate the flight controls.

Can I schedule a Lesson in advance?

Yes you may BUT please understand that these Discovery Flights are subject to weather and this is Southeastern Michigan with fast changing weather. The weather must be calm and no rain.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

No, we do not offer gift certificates due unpredictable weather. Payment is due prior to the Discovery Flight.

Can more than one person go for a Flight Lesson?

No, only one student per flight.

Is it safe?

This biplane along with its military and civilian instructors has taught hundreds of students to fly.

This aircraft is maintained under stringent maintenance processes and personalized attention. We are dedicated to preserving our military aviation history for the next generations.

Can we do aerobatics?

No, aerobatics are not appropriate for a Discovery Flight and we do not offer parachutes.

Are there any discounts?

Discounts require ID

Military and Veterans 10% off

First Responders and Students 5% off

Cash 4%

Are you a flight school?

Buzzard Air Service is a certified and insured Michigan Flight School.

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking, vaping, marijuana use is allowed. No exceptions. 

Do you teach primary flight training?

At this time Buzzard Air Service does not offer primary flight training, other than the initial discovery flight. We are a specialty flight training school. We can recommend some primary flight schools around the area.

What if I get airsick?

We will go over the procedure for airsickness before the Discovery Flight lesson.