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WWII Biplane

Discovery Flights

Discovery Flight Lesson

How would you like to take a flight lesson in a World War 2 Biplane? The feedback we get is - its AMAZING!                 

You can experience an open cockpit, leather flying helmet and goggles experience just like the Navy Flight Cadets in WWII. Our biplane is a REAL - not a replica - trainer that was used during WWII to train the pilots that were sent off to fight in the South Pacific.

You can fly "Stick and Rudder" with the wind in your face as well as the sights and sounds of a radial engine snorting away.

Come join us for a Discovery Flight Lesson or if you are a pilot already a chance to log Warbird time! 

Living Military Aviation History

A Living History

Our N3N Biplane was built in Philadelphia at the Naval Aircraft Factory in the early forties. It spent the wartime years (1941-1945) at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida.

After the war she moved to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD. During that tour of duty, it was used to introduce the midshipman to the world of float flying and carrier operations.

She was surplused by the Navy Dept in the early sixties and was sold to a civilian owner.

During her tour of duty, she trained pilots who later went on to fight in Navy and Marine Fighter that helped win the war in the South Pacific.

Undoubtedly many of the cadets who learned in this N3N didn't make it home and are always remembered as our Hero Aviators. 

"I work for a living." - SGTs

This Biplane is no show queen. She shows her service. 

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