Located at Buzzwick Airport

Buzzwick Airport

Public Use Airport, Privately Owned

Privately Owned, Public Use Airport - This means, we do not receive a cent from taxpayers. This airport is operated and funded by us, for the benefit of the aviation community. 

Flying Public

Please refer to your sectionals and airport diagrams. 

Follow all AIM procedures for non-towered airports.

UNICOM frequency 122.9

Please feel free to visit Buzzwick W87, it is a Public Use Airport.

Airport History

Buzzwick Airport formally known as Wickenheiser Airport, originated in 1956 by Cletus Wickenheiser. As a WW2 P-51 Mustang Fighter Pilot, LT. Wickenheiser serviced in the European Theater during WW2 escorting Allied bombing missions.

A live long resident of Carleton, Michigan, Cletus returned to Monroe County after the war, working as a contactor in the home construction business while raising 10 children. He was a quiet hero of America's greatest generation.

The Airport's name is a combination of Mr. Wickenheiser's war time call sign "Wick," and the current owners company name Buzzard: Buzzwick.

The Noble family purchased the Airport in 2011, adding hangers, flight school office and facilities.

Come visit us and view Cletus' wartime flight records in the Buzzwick flight school office.

Local Legends

Come to Buzzwick Airport and learn about the legend of Custer the Moose.